2019-2020 Danny Cavanagh 


Danny Cavanagh, the 2020 Jason Ritchie Hockey Scholarship recipient has been an integral part of the hockey team at Winchendon as well as the baseball and lacrosse teams. Hockey has always been an important sport in his family and he fell in love with the game at a young age. Danny, has excelled in his academics by maintaining his high honor roll status as well being a member of the National Honor Society. Danny looks forward to playing Junior Hockey upon graduation.

2018-2019 Kiley Robles 


Kiley Robles, the 2019 Jason Ritchie Scholarship Award recipient, is a Winchendon School high honor student. Kiley is known for her leadership both on and off the ice. Growing up in Norton, MA, Kiley started playing hockey at age 4 and developed a passion for the game. She entered the Winchendon School as a freshmen where she excelled both academically and athletically, as a 4-year varsity hockey player and 2-year co-captain. Kiley takes every opportunity to set new goals and challenge herself in different ways. She will study pre-med in college with the ambition to work in the surgical field.

2017-2018 Cam Gendron 


Cam Gendron, the 2018 Jason Ritchie Scholarship Award Winner, is a Winchendon honor roll student who is best known for his gritty hard work, on and off the ice, and as someone who consistently puts his team before himself. Growing up in Wilmington, MA, he began playing hockey at the age of four. Cam attended Central Catholic in Lawrence, MA before transferring to The Winchendon School for his junior and senior years. In college, he would like to study business administration or physical training.

2016-2017 Hayden Dalton


Hayden is the foundation’s first scholarship recipient from Vermont Academy. Not only does Hayden play hockey, but you can also find him on the soccer field or the tennis court. Hayden has flourished academically and athletically during his time at Vermont Academy, and we look forward to contributing to his future growth.

2016-2017 Jayden Young


Jayden is an outstanding student who is on the high honor roll at Winchendon. In addition to hockey, she plays on the varsity soccer and tennis teams at the school. Known throughout Winchendon as a “quiet leader,” when Jayden isn’t playing sports, you can find her leading a group of students to help strengthen the community. After graduation, Jayden is hoping to play collegiate hockey.

2015-2016 Scholarship Recipient Joshua George


Joshua is an outstanding student and student athlete. He plays hockey and tennis at Winchendon. In his Winchedon season he played 750 minutes, had 44 goals against 394 saves. His coach says he is a, "Hard-working goal tender, played a ton for us, wound up being our #1 goalie."Not only is he an outstanding athlete he is also an excellent student. He is on the honor roll and a member of the Jazz band. His teacher calls him, "An incredibly curious student whose work ethic on the ice translates into the classroom. He is vocal, proactive,quick to volunteer, and has a passion for connecting information to real-world situations."

2014-2015 Scholarship Recipient Adam Letarte


Adam Letarte, a senior at The Winchendon School, has been named this year’s recipient of the Jason Ritchie Hockey Foundation scholarship. Adam is a multi-sport athlete with a kind heart who dreams of becoming a pilot. Adam is extremely grateful to have been chosen for the 2015 Jason Ritchie Hockey Scholarship Foundation award and grant. Adam learned his love of hockey from his father who is a French Canadian and has always played hockey. Adam was able to skate at the age of four.Adam says his most fun times and most heart breaking times are from his experiences in hockey, where he has made lifelong friends. The work and dedication he learned is something that he feels is something only other hockey players and families would know.When Adam is not playing hockey he is running cross country or playing lacrosse. He is also trying to be better than before and keep his team encouraged. Adam is also a musician, playing the alto and tenor saxophone, piano, and keyboard. Whenever he is able to find time he enjoys hunting for turkey, water foul, and deer.Adam is looking for the perfect college for him. His perfect college would have an AFROTC program, a great hockey program, and a flight program so he can get his private pilot's license. He is considering playing juniors for a year before college. Winning this award proved to Adam that going the extra mile makes a difference.

2013-2014 Scholarship Recipient Lauren Kelly


Lauren Kelly says "Since playing the Jason Ritchie Foundation hockey game against the Bruins, my life has changed dramatically."After he graduation from Winchendon, Lauren jump started her academics by taking two summer classes at Northeastern University. By her early efforts she was able to start her path towards her degree and begin sessions with her Strength and Conditioning coach. Once starting college Lauren quickly learned that the life of a college athlete is extremely hectic. With challenging classes Lauren can look back at what she learned at Winchendon and know that they have prepared her for the challenge. Lauren hasn't declared a major yet but is enjoying her Criminal Justice Classes and has a dream to earn a degree in Criminal Justice and work in law enforcement. Lauren is also enjoying her new team who are always working hard. She has spent many hours with her teammates on and off the ice preparing for their tough schedule. Her team’s first exhibition game was against the Montreal Stars, a Canadian team made up of many members of the Canadian National Team. Although her team fought hard they lost 4-3, but showed they can compete with some of the most talented players. Lauren says "If Jason Ritchie's view on life has taught me anything, it is to see life as an overview, do not dwell on the little things and most of all, enjoy every second of it. I know my years at Northeastern will fly by so I intend to cherish every moment of my time here."

2012-2013 Scholarship Recipient Nick Foland


The Ritchie Family, friends and partners of the School came to campus to honor and present Nick Foland ’13 with the second Ritchie Hockey Foundation Scholarship Award.Before attending college he played junior hockey in Pennsylvania, where he played for Wilkes-Barre/ Scranton Knights.Nick Foland is currently a freshman at Bentley University intending to major in Finance/Corporate Finance. He unfortunately is no longer a hockey player through a tough decision he chose to attend a more prestige business school.Although Nick is no longer playing hockey he learned a lot from the experiences he gained as a player. He learned from his father who also was his coach, that work ethic separates the good from the great no matter what sport. Through hockey Nick was also able to gain a lot of determination from playing at Winchendon. Every day he would have to make the two hour round trip to get to school, proving that no matter how big the obstacle he was going to see things through.

2011-2012 Scholarship Recipient Freddie Giroux


Freddie, who was a standout at Canada’s Harrington College, continues to be a successful student and is a player in soccer, hockey and golf. He excels in academics and will pursue a degree in civil engineering. When asked about being named the first recipient of the Jason Ritchie Scholarship Award, Freddie stated, “I’m honored to be the first student to receive this award and to reach my goals at Winchendon.”Freddie is now attending the University of Laval in Quebec City, Canada and is a finance major. He is playing hockey for the club team at his University and is also playing junior hockey for the home team. He hasn't been playing much soccer or golf.

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