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Jason’s Story

It is impossible to put into words the life of anyone, especially an individual such as Jason. However, the article below best symbolizes the life that Jason lived. This was written by his good friend Lauren Kearney.

The Wise Man is Always Joyful

Jason grew with the changing tides of his life. As he explored the many roads and mountains he encountered, he drove to find purpose, understanding and acceptance of the world in which he was a part of. His thirst for discovery lead him to many strange and wonderful places, where he came across many unique people who became both his teachers and students. His overwhelming joy for life was apparent in everything he did. More than anything, his passion for hockey ignited a fire inside him to succeed both on and off the ice.


He worked hard to achieve goals, and it was obvious that hockey was a means for Jason to work hard, while doing what he loved. Jason’s spirit was imminent. His soul was old, yet youthful. His being was so comfortable in the skin he wore, that his self-acceptance was contagious to those around him. Being with Jason was a mellow mix of intelligence and smiles, where one could always feel at ease with his serene sense of existence. Jason provided those who loved him with companionship, guidance and laughter, genuine, loving laughter.


A genuinely humorous man, Jason seemed to stride through life with a joyful energy that could never be mistaken in any one else. Quiet and shy at times, he had an innate feel for his surroundings. Never too emotional, and always collected, Jason’s charismatic charm was difficult to resist. Friendship and family was so important to him, and if you were a good friend to him, he loved you for life. Jason never took life too seriously, and always took what was before him as a means of acceptance or dismissal.


One of the most admirable qualities about Jason was his ability to see life in the greater sense. Focusing on the task at hand, completing it with the best of his ability and succeeding. His thirst for life began as an explorer, learning the land in which he was bound to set forth for. Every place he went, his smile brought love and light to those who accepted it. As each day passes, while weeks fall into months, eventually creating years of lessons learned- your smile will never cease.


Nothing but supreme words of wonder and wisdom will be spoken in your name. Your time on earth has left an irreplaceable imprint on many hearts. You are a legend Sir Ritchie, and shall never be forgotten. Peace, Love and Respect.

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